“Happiness, that grand mistress of the ceremonies in the dance of life, impels us through all its mazes and meanderings, but leads none of us by the same route.”

Mistress keeping is common practice in men’s world since the beginning of history. And men enjoy being slaves of dominant mistresses. Whether dominant or submissive, mistresses have a great role in men’s lives because they are irresistible. The world is full of mistress stories. Mistress Karen opens a window for mistress lifestyle, their pleasures, roles and emotions. Take an eternal journey with Mistress Karen to an exciting world of cruel, passionate, beautiful, irresistible, cold or compassionate mistresses full of joy, pain, sorrow, confidence and more.

A mistress may save a man or may cause great tragedies in his life, may punish or reward him. Why mistress keeping is so common? What happens to the mistresses while they serve men? Why women choose to be mistresses? How was the lives of royal mistresses? Why men need dominant mistresses? Now, Mistress Karen will show you all about mistresses, will tell you the stories of famous mistresses and those of famous men and the art of being a perfect mistress and how to enjoy being a mistress.

All mistresses constitute the secret world of men. Some men find peace in the arms of their mistresses and some satisfy their submissive personalities under the feet of their dominant mistresses. Being a mistress:  a matter of power and passion.

Are you ready to follow Mistress Karen?


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